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    Short Story:

    I got a PAL Wii, and all of its components. My problem is that I live in a NTSC zone, and I have NTSC TVs.

    Question is: If I use homebrew to change the region from PAL to NTSC (US), do I need to do anything else? Because as for now I can use the PAL Wii on a NTSC but in black and white colors.

    I'm positive that using homebrew you can fix the color screen problemas and also the reading discs issue.

    Also, what about Wiimotes and controls? Do I need to buy PAL wiimotes and such?
  2. Krestent

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    Mar 31, 2009
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    Just get a newer TV if you don't already have one and the component cables...
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    If you've got an older Wii (i.e. it came with 3.4x or lower) then you can just use AnyRegion Changer (see Be sure to change all the options at the top and then click SAVE, and then install the USA systemmenu. I went from USA to EUR with no problems, however, there's always a risk with this stuff. Install BootmiiBoot2 first and take a backup.

    If your Wii is newer then ARC might brick your Wii as the new hardware is not compatible with some old versions of IOS.

    All peripherals, wiimotes, nunchucks, sensor bar etc will work in any region.

    As mentioned above getting the component cables and setting the Wii to use EDTV 480p will hopefully fix your B&W issue.