M3i Zero (old version) Problem on startup

Discussion in 'M3 Adapter' started by gentus, Apr 28, 2011.

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    Hi to everyone
    1st excuse me for my poor english [​IMG]

    i explain my problem:
    i've the old version of M3i zero, i've upgraded to the last version of the core (http://filetrip.net/f24219-M3i-Zero-Core-1-7-2.html) and i've tried with sakura (http://filetrip.net/f4374-M3-Sakura-TouchPod-for-M3-RealM3i-Zero-1-49X-3rd-4-9X.html) and the official gui (when i use this, on the menu is present (M3 real and not M3i zero.. it's normal?)

    after upgrading the core it's all ok, the games plays well but, when i turn off the console or i go to the home screen and i push on Nemo, appears "error, turn off the console bla bla".

    if i redo the upgrade it goes but only for 1time...

    do you have some ideas to help me?

    i've a 3ds (FW 1.1.0-1E) but i've verified the same problem on a dsi of a friend of mine.

    i've tried also a kingston and a bulk SD with same results (2GB)

    thank you!