M3i Zero Game Saves - question

Discussion in 'M3 Adapter' started by CannonFoddr, Aug 17, 2009.

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    I'm considering buying a new Flashcard (preferably an 'upgradable' one) since it looks as though my present card support (DSTTi) 'seems' to be dead
    but I'm not gonna ask which of the new flashcards is better since there's already so many posts about this & personally IMHO it is really down to how the interface 'works' (Most cards 'compatibility' / features all seems to be fairly equal anyway)

    I have a 'short list' of candidates - top of which is the M3i Zero, mainly because it has an interface similar to what I have now set up on the DSTTi (Moonshell2+YSMenu combo) - although I don't really like the USB update cable - looks a little flimsy to me

    The problem is the SAV files.

    In the past I got a card & found that the SAV file created didn't work with the 'Animal Crossing Save game editor' which I use regularly as I sometimes 'forget' to water/pull weeds etc & it couldn't be converted to a compatible SAV file via Shuny webpage 'cos it's a 'bit of a weird format' [shuny's own words - I contacted him about it] - FYI it's was an AK2i that had the weird SAV format

    What I'd like to know is - Does the M3i Zero SAV's work with the ACWW editor - or will it work after converting on Shuny site (& if so what settings should I use)

    Depending on the answer (& how long M3 team takes to relase an DSi 1.4 firmware upgrade) will determine if this is gonna be my next card

    Thanks in advance
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    Well the M3i0 saves are the same as the M3 Real saves and I have used the AC:WW save editor and converted with shuny's save game covertor and works fine. Also Sakura is to die for (not literally D:), it looks stunning. Though an Ak2i is also an excellent cart and is reliable and at a cheap price. I guess seeing as many features are the same, you could decide on the GUI or the little things.