M3DS Real Game Loading ERROR/Problem

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    I've tried everything I can think of using four different M3DS Reals and four different 6GB SDHCs using the last three released M3DS Real English loaders (2.42,2.50Beta.2.51). Finally, I've got four different NDS Lites Im testing on.Each scenario delivers the same result:

    1) Can load and see 125 games in game loading screen but when I click on game it freezes nds.

    3) Can load and see 40 games and it works like a charm.

    It's hard for me to believe this is a hardware issue since at the very least it loads 40 games. Basically it's behaving like a M3DS Simply and the only difference is that I can SEE the 125 games using a 6GB SDHC whereas on the Simply I couldn't.

    I cannot believe I'm the only person having this problem especially for most of us on this site we have had other flash carts and know how they work. I just need someone to verify the same problem. I git this cart for the sole purpose of storing as many games on it as possible without having to swap so frequently like I do right now. I even have a M3Lite for my Slot-2 just to add more space.

    Anyhow I feel like the first of many who will come across this problem and am just looking for some help. Hopefully a M3 Team member will see this but I doubt it. I was really hoping to fix this and have it ready for Thanksgiving because my bro leaves overseas after that. Sux bad!
    Thanks for reading!
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