Lost Planet Movie Costing Capcom Big Bucks


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Oct 26, 2007

"Capcom who is partially financing the Lost Planet film adaptation isn’t skimping on the budget. Toshihiro Tokumaru, Head of Capcom’s Character Contents Business, explains the “project will cost somewhere between 150 million and 200 million dollars to make.” Just for comparisons sake the planned budget is bigger than Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and falls right around the price of Armageddon which was made for $173 million. Fiscally speaking the Lost Planet film is a big bet for Capcom, but they seem comfortable with the project since Avi Arad, the producer of Spider-Man, is the acting producer.

Tokumaru hopes the movie will add substance to the Lost Planet world by showing the interpersonal relationships of the protagonist while the game focuses on shooting insect-like aliens.

It doesn’t sound like Capcom is stopping the film train anytime soon either. Next month Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li debuts. Later this year Clock Tower should be done. Then Lost Planet. After that? “At the moment, there are many ideas on the table,” Tokumaru said. “I would like to capitalize on our classic franchises, like Street Fighter and Resident Evil as much as possible. But, for projects that require massive budgets, there may be times when we license out film rights and give studios a free hand. As we learn more, I’d like to explore ways to better use our assets in film."


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