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    Aug 8, 2014
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    Hey GBATemp, I figured I'd post a thread like this here because I think a lot of you might share my same interest.
    I've been toying with this idea of a boxart database for a while now. Now, I know that's nothing new on it's own, but what I would want to do with mine is have it be more "active" and concise. To clarify; many of the boxart sites that currently exist can suffer from a couple problems:
    1. inconsistent scan quality
    2. lack of all materials, like insert cards etc
    3. they don't seem to be "active" projects (there's no ongoing effort to continuously add more)
    What I want to make, assuming it doesn't already exist, is a database of games scanned in at a set resolution, with all their materials, such as the full boxes, cartridge, inserts, everything scanned in, with an ongoing effort to get new games to scan in, and so on. The benefits of this would be twofold. Mainly, this would be good for preservation. Everyone says it all the time, but the physical items won't last forever, and they'll last an even shorter amount of time in a decent condition. The other benefit would just be uniformity for something like an emulator frontend; What comes to mind specifically is when I had finally set up Retroarch with all my roms, and then spent an entire day having to try and find images off Google for the games that weren't in the libretro database, or only had low resolution scans, et cetera. Something like this project I'm envisioning would in theory make that a nonissue.

    Anyways, the reason I'm posting about this is for feedback. What I'm wondering is if anyone knows of something like this, if anyone has suggestions, critiques, if anyone would want to contribute, and so forth. This is something I'd really like to see make it to the light of day, so I'm really interested in what others would think. Thanks!
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