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Sep 8, 2017
I got a gaming youtube channel that's pretty much empty (only like 6-7 videos or so) and doesn't really have any subs, so I want to work on it and make it bigger! Thing is, I can't decide what games to go with, I got too many games, but have beaten them countless times and have gotten bored of it, so I want to focus on the ones I have hardly touched any, meaning the ones I got on my steam account as I never use it. My steam page is here! Which games do you think would make for some good content out of the ones I got on there?

I want to focus more on single player games and to do non-commentary playthroughs (I HATE "let's plays" so I won't ever do them), commentated playthrough guides (for things like puzzle games or with tricky levels/areas), glitch compilations out of a game (be it legit or code triggered ones) and voiced-over gameplay (eg: me talking about a certain topic/issue while the game is in the background)! So, with all that in mind, which games do you think would work best out of the ones on my steam profile and for what kind of video out of the ones I listed?

For now I plan to perhaps do a playthrough of "12 is Better than 6" since it looks very interesting and perhaps a voiced-over video or guide of "Sanctum 2", but I don't know what to go for after that... I need suggestions, so go ahead and suggest whatever you think would work and be interesting to watch!

Finally, if you can think of any other games I can make videos of that could get me some views and help me expand the channel, go ahead and suggest, but know I already have a LOT of games in general (non-steam), so don't go with things like Cuphead, Hob, etc. as I already plan to do full videos of them (already have started Cuphead)! I literally don't care about genres, I can and will play anything if it's a good and fun game or if it's so bad it's good (eg: Cutthroats)!

Currently, these are the games I plan to make some content on:
- Cuphead (possibly finish the playthrough)
- Hob (do a full playthrough and afterwards a guide if there were any tricky parts)
- 12 is Better than 6
- Sanctum 2
- Lucius 1 and 2 (gonna do it more like a compilation of interesting moments or funny deaths:P)
- Time in Time (got it on sale, gonna do commentated video)
- Bad Rats Show (haven't touched it yet, but if it's funny, I'll do a compilation video)
- Outlast (can't decide if it's worth it, it's a great game and all bu

Any suggestions are appreciated and keep shitposting to a minimum, this isn't the EoF:P
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