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    Hello i remeber playing this game called dirk dashing, it had a sequel just with a 2 next to it, since 2014 the site for these games have been down....These were games from my childhood and i need some help on where i could look/someone could provide these games, ive looked for the past year using everything that i know of, including the internet archives, but to no avail., i just about given up hope, It would mean the world if someone could help me find these games, here are some screen shots

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    This is for Windows ?
    Were the games free to share? because if it's not free, you can't ask here for users to "provide" any copyrighted games.
    only hope would be these game felt in "Abandon ware". But I searched and it's not available on lost treasure nor freeoldies.

    I keep it open in case someone knows where to get the games officially (shop, ebay, etc.), but please no illegal sharing.
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