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Discussion in 'Computer Games and General Discussion' started by Noctosphere, Apr 7, 2016.

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    Dec 30, 2013
    Back with kitty Zelda forever :D
    There's a game I loved in my childhood and I played it recently and still loved it.
    Its called Populous : The Beginning.
    If you don't know it here's a short summary of its gameplay.

    You play as the shaman of a tribe. through her journey, she learn spell and also unlocks "speciality" for her followers. Speciality are :
    Warrior : has high HP and deal heavy melee damage
    Firewarrior : throw ranged fireball attack.
    Preacher : Convert ennemy followers to become yours after a short time.
    Spy : Can disguise as an ennemy follower to infiltrate ennemy settlement.

    As for spell, they goes from the basic spell, to blast a small explosion near you, yo summon a volcano or a rain of fire.
    There are 25 level and in each one of them, you must defeat all followers of ennemies tribe to win.
    Also, for eachtribe you battle, you can steal a spell or a speciality from their Vault of Knowledge.
    That's what I loved the most in this game's gameplay.

    If anyone know a game like that, please share it with me,
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    .... now I feel old having played populous on the amiga...
    I must confess though that I never did much of populous 3, though I played the earlier ones to death.

    You might also like some of the Age of Empires games on the DS. The PC games are solid RTS titles through and through but the DS entries mixed things up a bit.

    A bit more obscure but also available on modern devices is king of dragon pass. It is by no means the same game but it does scratch much the same itch for me.

    Speaking of the Amiga then I hope you played Cannon Fodder and Syndicate. A bit newer but if you specially brought up the leader stuff there then I should mention commandos behind enemy lines.

    I too have played a bunch of clones over the years. http://store.steampowered.com/app/319560 was suggested here a couple of years ago when it was free and on greenlight, it played a lot like a true fan that does not want to fix what is "flawless" work but amused enough for free, whether I would drop a fiver on it I do not know.

    If you have not played heroes of might and magic then a lot of maps are not like what you describe but some are as close as I have come to this sort of thing in a long time.

    There are also a few roguelikes and such that do things here, people recently got excited by Convoy but there are others, before that it was probably Sunless Sea.
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    I'm not going to say you would HAVE to. But if you would like to play a game like that with slight limitations I would go buy a PC copy of Minecraft, and play on Mineplex "Champions", or Hypixel "Warlords" (Both are great mini games, and they are free to play.)

    The only downside however would be benifits in game. Normally if you donate and play for free you will end up with the lowest benifits. However if you pay around $9.99 USD - $100.00 then it's mostly good.

    I would also get a good PC. As playing Mini Games may take up to 10FPS on your PC, from 20FPS compared to having the original 64.

    Those servers also offer things like Mega Walls, Walls, and The Bridges which all contain unique classes similar to what you want. The XP mainly used to level up those characters, or unlock more would be Coins, or Gems.
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