Jul 18, 2007
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Customizable tetriminos

Another version of the open source tetrimino stacking game, LOCKJAW. Download and changelog below.

[title:Changelog]0.42 (2008-02-03) aka LOCKJAW XLII
* Docs: Most of TODO.txt has been converted to a numbered list
of bugs (bug 0100).
* An off-by-1/65536 error in enter below ceiling was fixed.
This means it doesn't give one extra row of room to slide on
at the top of the well (reported by Caithness and Kukuunen).
* In case of a block out, draws the offending piece in the well
before entering game over animation.
* Extra 5-frame cascade delay removed.
* With Lockdown set to Step reset, lock delay resets on the
first floor kick.
* Tengen rotation system tries kicking one space to the left
(requested by zaphod77).
* Options' names and values are looked up from fourCCs for future
* Options: Names of speeds in fractions of 1G are computed.
* Options skips unpacking options with a value of 255.
This allows multiple pref structures to be unpacked on top
of each other, and each overrides the ones before it.
* Debrief displays options on a second page.
* Debrief correctly displays soft drop speed as a fraction (0.41
regression, reported by Lardarse).
* Debrief: PC specific parts moved to separate source code file.
* Debrief uses a lower-level function to format ISO 8601 date
and time so as not to bring in the floating-point library's
space overhead on platforms without an FPU.
* Debrief plays a sound when turning the page.
* PC: Delay for holding Esc to quit no longer depends on
display refresh rate. Instead, it uses the global 60 Hz
timer (reported by Sara).
* PC: Draws speedometer even when preview is at right,
as long as there is room, that is, 3 or fewer next pieces
(requested by Cubicz).
* PC: Gimmick choice moved to Options to match GBA/DS.
* PC: Select scenario before starting game (bug 0041).
* PC options uses standardized GBA names (OPTIONS_*) instead of
PC names (LJPREFS_*).
* PC options Shift sound scale, Side, and Next position moved to
* PC options sets initial options using initOptions() from GBA/DS.
Incidentally, this restores the initial randomizer to bag
(0.41 regression and may make similar regressions less likely.
* PC options uses unpackOptions() from GBA/DS.
* PC options sound is also routed through the cross-platform
sound manager.
* PC: lj.ini uses fourCCs as names for easier saving and loading.
* PC: Switching between windowed and full screen in Options
no longer needs the user to restart the program.
* PC: Skin controls window width and height (requested by
* PC: LJVorbis doesn't crash if polled while the music is stopped.
This can happen when cross-platform code plays sound effects
during debrief.
* PC: Skin sets screen resolution (bug 0017).
* PC/DS: Displays a description of some option values in addition
to descriptions of options themselves.
* GBA/DS: Options disabled on the PC are disabled here.
* GBA: Menus are faster now that part of the text engine has been
moved to fast RAM.
* DS: Plays sound for game over (bug 0064).
* DS: Options displayed on touch screen for future touch operation.
* DS: Displays debrief after game ends (bug 0031).

Download for NDS, GBA, and PC


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Nov 25, 2006
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4/20 is over where I live. The magic dragon screams in delight.

Anyway, the newest version if 0.45 - http://www.pineight.com/lj/dl
Now it takes DLDI and writes scores!

0.45 (2008-04-20)

* New unified speed curve system: less code, more tables, for future loading from a file (bug 0040).
* All speed curves except Rhythm and Rhythm Zero have been ported to the new system. Notably, Master has been rewritten based on the tables from the wiki, and Exponential uses sections. The lock delay speeds up as brutally after 600 pieces as always.
* Added kludge in the basic makefile that allows building on *BSD and GNU/Linux: 'make linux' (patch by kesiev).
* ljpath: Fixed a couple misspellings in the non-Windows code path (reported by kesiev).
* ljpath: Supports libfat when running on Nintendo DS.
* A few descriptions of options have been shortened to fit into the new GBA/DS look (reported by Bloodstar; patch by caffeine).
* Writes result and options text to standard output as well as to lj-scores.txt. This allows you to do 'lj | postprocessor' even if you can't do 'tail -f lj-scores.txt' (requested by kesiev).
* DS: Writes result and options to /data/lockjaw/lj-scores.txt.
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