loading wii games onto a sd card?

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    Jun 16, 2016
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    ok I have a giant delema, so I have a microsd card with a microsd card adapter (which the card is 64gb) And I have a old sd card reader that cannot read the adapter. So its essientailly futial for me to try to use usbloadergx because it will not read it. and my microsd card reader (which is different from the adapter, its a microsd card to usb verus the microsd card adapter which is microsd to sd) the wiiu will not pick it up, or even try to read it. I tried it in fat32, and I tried it in wbfs format. And the result is always the same it won't read it. And I have checked if it is a bad microsd and it isn't. Is there some other version or simmilar program that will load wii games from the sd card port instead? and if usbloadergx can read wii games from the sd card how do I set that up