Little King's Story?

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    Does anyone know anything about this simulation RPG? Will it turn out good?
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    I've heard good things... sorta like a chrono trigger/the sims/animal crossing mix

    The player character is a timid boy named Corobo Bred who has found a mysterious crown which gives him the power to charm people and make them follow orders. As King of the Village, his goal is to grow the village and make his subjects happy. The design of the game will combine various simulation elements as well as real time and adventure elements. Yasuhiro Wada told CVG that the game will be a "single-player life-sim set in Europe".

    The gameplay will consist of 7 other kingdoms, each with their own king. These kingdoms will also have their own specialties. The game offers up different jobs players can do. Some of the known jobs are a Low grade soldier, carpenter, peasant and hunter.


    King Doburohku: A king who wants to be happy and spreads happiness.
    Princess Booke: A princess who loves analysis and science, and a daughter of the King Doburohku.
    Liam: A guy big in stature, but gentle. He can be a bit crass sometimes. He is the cabinet minister that handles all kind of cases.
    Verde: A pretty, cheerful girl. She is the cabinet minister that handles administration.
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    The best preview you'll get of this game is by playing the Wiiware game by thesame title.