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    Discus about ANY type of vocaloid
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    Given both of those, and possibly a bit of http://artsites.ucsc.edu/faculty/cope/Emily-howell.htm , I can only see this is a variation on the theme. Much like electronic music my personal bar to what I would call good in that realm is rather high. Unlike electronic music I have not really plumbed the depths and nothing offered up had met that standard, however it is not out of the realm of possibility.
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    American English VOCALOID libraries are missing quite a few phonemes that are required for correct American English.
    Companies are slowly beginning to work some of these phonemes into English reclists though, so that's good. For example, Ruby, DEX and DAINA all have the phonemes [4] and [D], while other American English voicebanks use the same phonemes that British English voicebanks use, and in one case, the exact same reclist as British English voicebanks. [[COUGHBIGALCOUGH]]
    Some of the phonemes missing from American English reclists should also be worked into British English reclists, too.
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    My bae is IA though. So awesome!
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