Less expensive controller to pair with PSP go?

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    So the question has been begging me.

    I know the PSP go expects to pair only with PS3 controllers, so not even worth considering the PS4 controller for it, since chances are it wouldn't recognize it even if the PS3 system does.

    That said, every time I look for a standard one, it feels like a low blow that stores still want to charge $55 for just the controller, when it's going to cost me extra to get the things to fix those god-awful triggers. Not to mention, some PS1 games I would like to play via this method would do better with turbo, and of course I can't find any that do support it.

    Unless I am wrong... which is why I am asking here. Are there any third-party controllers that can be paired and work with a PSP go? Theory would suggest any that can pair via bluetooth like a standard PS3 controller should work. Even better if it supports turbo. Can't get anything now, but I do need to know if there's a solution to this.