Lenovo u310 bios issue

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    Hi guys, I am having issues accessing the bios on the lenovo u310. When I hit the bios button it launches a menu shown here: lenovo-ideapad-u310-touch-novo-key.jpg
    and when I hit any of the options it boots straight into windows. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    I don't know if it still applies to modern computers. I do however remember having a computer that is a Pentium 1 586 Compaq Presario that required a small partition space on the hard drive to allow you to enter the BIOS configuration menu. So the configuration menu (BIOS setup) was on the hard drive itself while the BIOS bootstrapper was on the EEPROM chip, or was it the one that uses UV light to erase? Eh, at any rate, I know when the partition and the software was not present, the computer would just boot to the first available boot disk, regardless if you press a button to enter BIOS setup or not. I don't know of any computer that still does this today, but perhaps it's possible.