Kirby 001 Error

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by jakeruston, Mar 5, 2011.

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    I'm using a really old modchip in my Wii (not sure which one exactly).

    I'm trying to load up the new Kirby game but I keep getting the 001 error, when I try it through the disk channel, gecko, neogamma or anything like that.

    I tried to remove the 001 through the GenericWiiPatcher tool but it doesn't actually find the 001 so it can't remove it.

    How can I remove the 001 so I can play the game?

  2. WiiPower

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    Load from usb. I know what you are going to say about it, but the alternative isn't preferable for most people.

    What is 001 error?
    The game tries to read data behind the 1st layer of the disc. On a retail disc this results in an error, on crappy modchips it returns all 0s as data. Also crappy modchips have some way around older versions of the 001 error, but it doesn't work on newer games, only older ones like Mario Galaxy (1).

    Why doesn't NeoGamma help?
    It has nothing to do with it, it's an IOS/cIOS thing. Newer cIOS, rev17 and up, fix 001 error correctly by returning an error if the read doesn't work. New cIOS + crappy modchip although doesn't work, it seems the modchips do some weird stuff that prevent the cIOS from identifying the disc as single or dual layer disc.

    Why is the pattern not found in Generic Wii Patcher?
    It's a newer 001 error and the YEARS old pattern just can't match anymore. And since good modchips, 100% softmods and usb loading do have 0 problems with it, nobody is interested in creating a new pattern for it.

    How do i fix this now with a crappy modchip?
    USB loading or take out the chip. An alternative is to use cIOS rev 7, yes 7, not 6, not 8, and especially not a higher one. cIOS rev 7 is only able to read single layer discs, and prevents 001 error by this. Oh and this means it only works in a backup launcher, and not in the disc channel.
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    WiiPower, if TC has an old dvd drive (not D3+), then the modchip would still matter? I mean, the games could be read entirely by softmod, then the modchip wouldn't interfere with the cIOS work. Or even that way the modchip finds a way to activate itself and read the game?
  4. WiiPower

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    Once installed, it's always active. That's why good modchips are good, and bad are really bad.