Kindles touch - a question about the 3G bit

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones and Media Players' started by CannonFoddr, Mar 30, 2012.

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    The kindle touch has [finally] arrived in the UK, & I'm very tempted to get one (never considered the 'keyboard classic' version as I don't like the keyboard) - however I'm a little unsure about the 3G bit

    AFAIK, this allows me to download 'stuff' using the mobile network (for free) & not have to (try &) find a unlocked WiFi signal while out-&-about but.....

    ... is this ONLY for downloading books from Amazon ??

    I was thinking of getting a kindle so that when I'm abroad on Holiday I have something to occupy my time while lying on a sunbed etc.... (instead of using my Phone or DS as a ebook reader)

    I plan to stick ebooks onto the Kindle BEFORE I go on holiday, but was hoping that while away - I could also download stuff like 'Local Weather reports'/ 'UK News (newspapers)' or 'UK Lotto numbers' (that sort of stuff) using the 3G network for FREE

    - I do notice that full 'newspapers' are available on subscription (for ~£9/mth) but I would like JUST small snippets of info, usually on a day-to-day basis, (Yes I know there's 14-day free newspaper trials...but I guess that I'll have to give payment details first & if I forget to cancel - I'll be charged after this period)

    I don't use my Phone while abroad for this kind of stuff - I'm on PAYG & roaming charge are astronomical - & the newspapers in foreign shops are usually 2-3 days out-of-date, but being able to get stuff like the latest weather report for the local area I'm in could come in handy for any excursions I plan to have

    Can any1 who owns a Kindle 3G (touch or otherwise) - whether in UK/USA or somewhere else in the world - tell me if what I want to do is possible all for free !!
    or will I HAVE to download newpapers on a monthly subscription basis while abroad ??

    Also any idea WHAT network they use in the UK (vodaphone/O2 etc)
    - where I work I can only get Vodaphone signal, so it might be handy downloading newspapers while in work if I HAVE to go the 'monthly subscription' route, at least I'll get some use out of it when not on Holiday ;)

    Thanks in advance
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    I forgot
    You can use the 3G for whatever you want. Thats...all I know about the Kindle Touch though heh.
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    Actually - since posting this - I've found some more info......although I WOULD like this confirmed

    It seems that the 'Kindle Keyboard' has
    However - the Kindle touch has
    So IF I understand this right the 'Kindle Keyboard' CAN web browse using 3G (so in theory - I could look up a weather website to find local weather via 3G) but the 'Touch' can ONLY browse Amazon & Wikipedia pages via 3G - 'normal' web pages I would HAVE to use WiFi

    I assume that the Kindle get 'updates' ?
    If I got a 'touch', do you think an update will come out that will allow the 'Touch' to (eventually) browse normal web pages via 3G??
  4. gshock

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    I bought a kindle keyboard 3G at the start of this month and unless something has changed since then the kindle 3G has free 3G connectivity with an experimental web browser that works anywhere. It's a primitive browser and using the keyboard to select inputs can be a bit challenging.

    Kindle touch's 3G works only on select sites/features.

    However if you don't mind a hack there's a way to use the 3G connectivity/browser to go to other websites, I don't know the exact details as I went with the keyboard version that supported free 3G but there's a YouTube video that shows how to. Since it's a bug there's no clear way of knowing whether it will be removed/patched/fixed in a later version.

    So I wouldn't recommend buying it if you're relying on that feature to always be there in the future.
  5. CannonFoddr

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    Sep 23, 2006
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    hmm, considering the number of Tempers I'm surprised not a lot have Kindles....
    But considering those who have replied - seems like the kindle keyboard is better for 'simple' web browsing than the 'touch' - especially for the things I'd like it for...

    So - I have 2 choices....

    1) buy a 'keyboard' with a guarantee 3G connection to 'any' website anywhere in the world (via the experimental web browser)
    2) buy the 'touch' and HOPE that an update gives 3G connection to 'any' website anywhere in the world
    I think the choice is clear.... the 'Keyboard' despite not liking that 'feature' & being 'taller')

    @[member='gshock']: did a search on youtube - can't find the hack for the 'touch' - did find several for 'screensaver/ebook DRM removal/ fonts & several for the Kindle 'fire'