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    Feb 26, 2015
    Hi. I joined this site just now, but I've been here a lot of times, for stuff mostly Wii related, for a bunch of years so I thought ye why not.

    So yeah I'll just put out some stuff about me I guess.

    I'm 18 and my name is Marc. My primary language is french, but I'm pretty good in english overall.

    I used to do "ROM hacking" back in 2010. Dunno if you'd call it that, it was more messing around with a SMW rom. (Editing sprites with YYCHR and using Lunar Magic to edit levels and try some weird shit).

    I also have a YouTube account on which I put up vids some 3-4 years ago then didn't do anything with it, but the videos are getting a decent amount of views for a reason I ignore.

    Anyways, I'm gonna get myself a Gateway 3DS. Currently looking forward to MK7 custom tracks.
    Also planning on doing the GC controller mod when I buy a 2DS.

    EDIT: the title was supposed to be temporary, but yeah whatever. kfc is tasty