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    Kefir Updater is tool for updating kefir. Linking account it is a bonus feature. Not the main.

    Kefir - it is an atmosphere (or sxos) with sigpatches and aditional software. It is an vanilla atmosphere, not hekatesphere such as kosmos. It is not a cfw. Just atmo with tools.

    More about kefir here (use google translate or learn russian already xD) -
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    May 8, 2019
    Guys, why do you press the button and then wonder? This is written for the kefir assembly, which is an Kosmos analogue for Russian and Ukrainian guys. Unfortunately, the programmer who wrote it for us has disappeared, and we cannot implement the link account function separately. do not touch the button, it is not for you:D
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    Oct 25, 2019
    Here is my experience after reading a lot about kefir updater and using it into my switch .
    0. Download kefir updater 3.0 >>KefirUpdater.nro <<<
    1. Put this on your SD card in the switch directory
    2. Create NAND backup from atmosphere (tools menu). Just in case something goes wrong.
    3. Create backup from checkpoint
    4. Restart and KEFIR updater should be in the homebrew menu
    5. Activate internet WITH THE 90 DNS (important)
    6.Start now kefir updater from homebrew
    7. DO NOT PRESS THE CHECK FOR UPDATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    7. Press Add Linked Account, and wait
    8. Reboot and switch off internet access
    9. Delete all old savegames
    10. Start all installed games again, they will start from the beginning
    11. Restore the old savegames with checkpoint
    12. Switch off the switch, remove the SD card and remove the Kefirupdater.nro from the \switch directory
    13. Startup in cfwemunand as you always do, change your icon and name, and be happy

    Everything is now the same as before, only a nintendo account has been added.

    Hope this gives some clarity to everyone who wants to add a nintendo account to his atmosphere 9.0.1

    good luck

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    Guys I have been using a (kefir) linked account for a while now. But every now and again the linked account stops working and when I try to boot a game that requires it ie. Bloodstained. It asks to sign in again. What to do? The last time I had to go through the re linking process again. But I can't be bothered to keep backing up saves restoring etc. Is there a better workaround or has this not happened to anyone?
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