Keep getting error "SD card removed". SD card reader problem?

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    Apr 10, 2017
    N3DSXL on 11.3. Did install A9LH & Luma, follows 3dsguide, went well, got HBlauncher, freeShop, FBI, Luma updater.
    Download games from freeShop, but only play for couples minutes then come"SD card removed".

    Have tried Htestw, re-format by GUI & by Nintendo recommended (SD card formattor) still not working

    Rang Nintendo & they said maybe SD reader problem, but to make sure that to test with couple Sd cards.

    My current Sd have contains of stuffs about 17GB, and only have some 4GB Sd at home.
    Is there a way to test with 4GB card (included the one that Nintendo included in the box ).
    Slot 4GB sd & went into system setting & check but nothing shown even though there are some files in the sd.
    Please help.