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    Apr 14, 2009
    So I just built a real gaming pc :P It was my first ever build (been using laptops til now) so it was a little daunting, but it works!

    Anyway, I'm now needing some advice on purchasing a monitor, keyboard, mouse and headset. Currently I'm using my television as a monitor, an old keyboard, the mouse from my laptop (it's nice, but needs to go back with that) and I was using my TurtleBeach headset...

    Until it broke today!

    I spend most of my time on this computer gaming and talking on Skype, so being without a headset really sucks. So although a decent keyboard/mouse may be more important, I really need a headset.

    I'm interested in the Razer Megalodons and the Sennheiser PC 360 , however they have a hefty price tag. Does anyone have any personal recommendations for a gaming/skype headset? I'm looking for comfort and sound quality, preferably under £100... Although I can stretch to something like £120, if they're really nice. Something with a good strong wire would be a bonus, as that's the main fault of my broken P21's.

    As for everything else I'll need to save up a bit more cash, but I'm looking for a mechanical keyboard and a comfortable gaming mouse (for medium/small adult hands) at under £100 each. Again, I've seen a few things (BlackWidow Ultimate, SteelSeries 7G, R.A.T 9) but cannot come to a decision. As for monitors I really have no idea, something around £150 that's 1920x1080 from a reliable brand?

    Thanks GBAtemp!

    I'm gonna have no money for BF3/Skyrim...
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