Joe Biden livestreams his coronavirus vaccination

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Sep 18, 2007
masters of the universe has not truly shifted since the killing of jesus,the difference now is they have total control via using the us & eu to serve their worldwide agenda ( middle east wars,africa vaccines,poverty,porn...etc & now this plandemic ). this is the last reply i make in this thread,i have already said what i needed to say for the sake of innocent people,replying to you does not matter to me.
*sigh* Now thats big picture. The whole world theory of domination since Jesus walked on earth, featuring wars, poverty, porn - none of that is you fault, or how humans work in general, all of this is 'intelligent design', and the culmination of all of that falls into your lifetime, where you are the chosen one to have found out, condensed it into one long sentence and are now telling/warning the world.

Of course you dont need proof. Feeling is enough.

And the entire context you got for all of the elements of your theory is 'one group of guys makes up - everything, and mainly - how the world runs'.

Which never was true, ever.

But always was a nice convenient way, to reduce complexity down to the point, where everything becomes explainable. You recreated 'god' (the concept) in the image of a few people holding (mostly public) meetings, and because you didnt quite understand what was going on, you called them evil.

What you did, is also almost a historical meme (trope).

Most of that ist trying to reduce complexity so it becomes 'palpable', some of it is reducing uncertainty, so you dont have to fear it (uncertainty) any longer. So you are giving it a name. The name is NWO. Other people are giving it other names. So try different search terms, maybe you'll learn more about it.. ;)
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