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Discussion in 'NDS - Emulation and Homebrew' started by albel005, Nov 6, 2008.

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    i have the latest version but the screen isnt full and you have to press left for right to scroll any way that i can just make it full screen
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    no, and it will never be added. the way the scailing is coded it would require software rendering for horizontal which is much to slow. maybe this post should be stickied??

    -another world

    official response
    I am sorry if this answer will be a bit longer, but i am a tiny bit annoyed by the scaling question.

    It's not your fault, you don't know how much i get bugged with it, although it is stated in the readme and i answered it probably a hundred times in different message boards already, but i will do so again:

    It is not just something to consider, to implement or not. jEnesisDS has a hardware renderer unlike PicodriveDS, Lameboy and also the 0.4a version of jEnesisDS (which had filtered scaling), which all have a software renderer. It is quite easy to scale with a software renderer, because you render your created framebuffer, basically a bitmap to one of the backgrounds and then scale it in hardware. Software scaling is really slow. AND all this cannot easily be done in my hardware renderer. The DS has 4 independant background layers, just 2 of which can be scaled in hardware. jEnesisDS needs all 4 of them to display the Genesis' backgrounds though, and they all need to be in the same mode. The only possibility to do that, is having them all in a text mode, that doesnt allow scaling. As the graphics are directly converted to DS format, there is also no way to scale individual elements. Of course it is technically possible, if you can live with a 1fps emu? Software rendering is also dead slow. The very optimized ARM asm software renderer of jEnesisDS 0.4a could do 25-30fps maximum. That was without sound and Z80 core. On an average PC emulator, the rendering needs maybe 50-70% of CPU time of the whole emu.

    There are maybe possibilities, which are very complicated and not obvious, involve using the 3D hardware, screen capturing, doing sprite tricks to display parts of the backgrounds on them, etc. Maybe you can understand though, that this is not my top priority besides eliminating slowdowns, improving the sound, and supporting larger games.

    Anyway. Cheers,
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    Aug 2, 2007
    hmm... I have asked this question before myself, as has been said, doing it whilst keeping the speed would be impossible.

    the is an option to have the scrolling follow the D pad which helps and makes most games playable (sonic, etc) although a few that require being able to see everything are far harder (warlock, etc)