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    OK I really wanted a custom firmware psp and I can't wait on the psp 3000 forever. So I've decided to sell my 3000 to get a hackable 2000 but on one condition....Do I really need to buy anything to hack the 2000 because I have no money and if I needed money to hack it I'd only be waiting on money in which case I might as well keep my 3000 and wait for it
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    Aug 27, 2007

    its worth buying one with a 1 or 2 gb card ...

    a) Its easier to do ... and no chance of messing up hard modding or trying to soft mod your current battery!


    b) Its just a handy tool to have in case you brick your PSP messing about with Custom firmware its the easiest quickest way to restore it without having to re-mod your battery after modding it back to normal from the first time you mod it [​IMG]

    You can just keep the small card with working Custom firmware on for the next time you need it and its already to go ... I bought a 1gb just for that purpose to have it ready to go whenever I need it.