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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by darkyoshi, Mar 8, 2009.

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    I haven't done as much with my Wii as others might have. On system 3.2U, I've used the Twilight Hack to get the HBC and then I installed some WADs that I got from torrents. It was all fun and good, except for one WAD which wouldn't run and wouldn't uninstall. Months later (now), I ran the Homebrew Channel and it told me to update to version 1.0.1, so I did. Now that won't start up properly either.

    I'm considering performing a factory reset on my Wii. What will the consequences of this be? I'm mainly interested in how safe I am from system updates, and how clean my Wii will appear to be.

    Thanks for your help! [​IMG]
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    This is the order of going to a Virgin Wii:

    Update to 3.4
    Use cIOS and IOS Downgraders to return to 3.2
    Install the normal MIOS (if you installed the cMIOS for GC Backups)
    Check that every channel and game disc works properly
    Check again all your games and everything
    Check again all your Channels
    Again check everything
    Use Any Title Deleter to erase IOS249
    if you are sure that everything works, then just perform a FORMAT
    Now your Wii is factory restored

    do it wrong and suffer the consecuences...!!! [​IMG]
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    Except he hasn't installed any cIOSes or preloader/starfall, so doing all that upgrading/downgrading crap is pointless.

    Just delete the Homebrew channel and any extra channels you've installed via wads from the system menu data management screen. That's almost exactly the same as doing a system format (which really can't be called a factory reset).
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    Though if he wants to get rid of all traces of the downloaded WADs he should erase them via Wad Manager so the tickets are erased as well.