Issues Loading Roms. Please Help.

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    Jan 10, 2015
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    Whenever i hit select to load games, the first few games are normal but every single on after that is just a white square and wont load. Ive reformatted microsd multiple times and tried many different ways of adding the games, but every time i just get a different amount of games to work, and its always different games. The ones that work are always the ones that i add first. The most ive gotten to work was when i tried transferring them to the sd card one at a time (12 were working.) The games that show up load up and play too. My MicroSD is a 64gb Samsung Evo XC if that means anything. I am using Omega 3.0 and my 3ds is on firmware 9.2. I may also add I am noob at this so please explain!! Thanks!!