Is this sure a graphic? :/

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    Jun 13, 2010
    Hello again!

    Well, I've got another problem with a graphic. When I was doing proofs with Trauma Center 2, I delete ALL files of data folder, except 0174, and I compiled the ROM. (Yeah, I use a very weird method xD). After that, I loaded it with No$GBA emulator, and it shows this:


    You can see the graphic, but it needs its correct palette. With this method, I supposed that 01F4 makes reference to the main graphic of the game. (If I delete this file too, the game didn't show anything.)

    And, when I insert the file 01F5, the graphic looks good. I supposed that 01F5 makes reference to the palette of 01F4.


    With CrystalTile2, I can extract the .pal file of 01F5, but the problem is with 01F4 file. I can't see anything with TileMolester and CrystalTile2 (loading the palette, in all codecs...) I'm "completely sure" that this is a graphic, but I'm not very experienced in graphic topics, so I hope you can help me with this problem. [​IMG]

    The two files: