Is there HDD hack yet?

Discussion in 'PS3 - Hacking & Homebrew' started by EtahnJay144, Apr 25, 2014.

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    A while back before I had a ps3 and was more into Wii hacking the HDD I used for games broke. Once I looked closer at it I realized that the connector pins on the case were all bent up. There was nothing wrong with the drive. Just the case. so I bought this When I took out my 236GB (labeled 250) HDD and plugged it in, windows recognized it as a usb mass storage but would not let me look at the contents. So, what I was wondering, is there any way to add games to PS3 by using this cable.
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    Sort of confused. Is the drive external?

    Does it even show up in disk management as a RAW drive? or not show at all? Those adapters tend not to work well at all. Try hooking it to a pc to test. The USB MSD is just the cable itself, it will pass along the HDD info once it initializes. Only way you could add games is to format that drive (if you can), and put the games on it, and try hooking it to the ps3 (though to be honest, PS3 doesn't handle those y cables very well)
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    i think you can dump the ps3 hdd and decrypt it, but you cannot encrypt and transfer back. or something like that. either way, no. downgrade to get homebrewk, if not get an ODE.
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    If you can't look at its content, the partitions are probably corrupted, or your USB cable is not very good at accessing this drive.

    As for knowing if PS3 can use it ... just try.
    Connect it to your PS3 and see if it detects it and if you can browse it.
    If the drive is FAT32, you don't need a CFW for that, just connect it to the XMB and go to the picture or video column.
    If it's NTFS, you will have to use MultiMAN to list the content and transfer data to internal HDD.
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