Is there a way to install/read old Mii data on a System Memory formated 3DS?

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    Long story short, sent my 3DS in Nintendo to get repaired because the SD card slot broke. After a comedy of errors, they lost the SD card and sent my repaired 3DS back to me with the system memory formatted. Now I always make sure to keep a backup of my SD card on an external Hard drive and since eShop games and programs are attached to a NNID now, I was able to recover all my games for the most part.

    Now the problem is the Mii data. When I use the SD card with the backup data and look at the preview screen on the menu for the mii maker, it shows portraits of all the miis I made. But the moment I run Mii Maker, it clears out all the data only leaving only my miiverse Mii in the lobby and the portraits in the preview revert to the default miis. I deleted and reuploaded my SD card data twice more, (including an older version to rule out the possibility there might be data corruption), to confirm this was the case and not a fluke.

    All I can surmise is that the mii data is encrypted and can only be run on 3DS it was created on. Akin to the
    Anti save game restore program. I already contacted Nintendo support, and after pulling teeth for 2 months, I got a definitive answer that they currently don't have the ability to salvage the Mii data and force my formatted 3DS to recognize it. Now normally I'd shrug my shoulders and just try to rebuild, but the data is also tied to things like the streetpass plaza and special Miis. things that can't be replaced.

    So, outside of creating a petition to get Nintendo to make something that will allow Mii data to be recognized by a 3DS that's not the original one. Are there any, unorthodox ways to get my 3DS to read my old Mii data?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance in this unique situation.

    Edit: I wasn't sure what forum to put this in so if this is the incorrect one, I apologize in advance.
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