Is there a way to find out which firmware has a PKG file?

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    An "hex" editor if you know the offsets where to look at (I have a note somewhere) or Sony tools like orbis-pub-chk.exe and orbis-pub-cmd.exe, if I'm not wrong.
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    Unless you're not on 5.05/5.07 (and why wouldn't you be?), that information is useless to you.

    You need a kernel exploit for a firmware above 5.05 to be able to dump a 5.50+ game (i.e. run the game and stay at the title screen/main menu until it finishes), and right now there aren't any public exploits above 5.05 and I'm willing to bet that there aren't any PKG files for recent games either (that aren't a scam).

    If you really MUST know the firmware for whatever reason, there are two websites that can help you:

    But that information only applies to the base game without any updates. In today's day and age, with the "release now, fix later" publisher mentality, if your game isn't up to date you'll have a really bad time with bugs, glitches, crashes and freezes. Some game updates require a more recent firmware version, and depending on the game it may require past 5.05 (e.g. God of War 2018).
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    Lman’s PKG viewer.
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