is there a posibilite to port hl1 to the ps vita

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  1. Nbc66

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    Feb 17, 2017
    idk somewhere
    i was wondering if the ps2 had hl1 on it why cant the vita its stronger then the ps2 in many ways and zou could tehnicly just coppy the controls form the ps2 controler

    idk it up to the community to do this sort off stuff

    i would do it myslef but im to stupid to uderstand the basick conncept off porting stuff to the vita
    so idk i wold like if there is sombody at least that can do this sort off stuff

    sorry for my bad English I am trying to work on that typing off mine
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    I forgot
    There's a Half Life mod for Quake that will...sort of run under @Rinnegatamante's Vita Quake homebrew, but it's not really playable. You have to use the console to open most of the doors, and it crashes after the first elevator.

    There's a Half Life port for the PSP that will run in ePSP mode, but it's also buggy and laggy.

    Unless someone wants to port Xash3D to the Vita, you won't get a good playable Half Life port.
  3. Nbc66

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    Feb 17, 2017
    idk somewhere
    well i would try porting it myslef but i dont understand the code of the vita
  4. mummysboy

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    May 21, 2009
    Thanks for reminding me of that awesome homebrew Tom - regrabbing now.

    Its not laggy - its just max payne stlying :D