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    I have a generic component cable and from time to time it turns to a black screen, and then returns to normal. So, considering I'm somewhat of fan of Madcatz products, I've been thinking about buying one. Is it worth it, though? Does it work without issues?

    It's a shame the official SONY PS2/PS3 component cable is a bit of a rarity and costs up to £50 ($65) when the console itself cost me £5 ($6).
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    Mar 20, 2018
    I dunno about Madcatz but I have some thoughts

    I have found ps3 component cables on Ebay for 20-30 USD every so often. I was lucky enough to get one for 25USD about 6 months ago.

    Just looking really quick. I found this one with 1 bid for 30USD. You can probably win the auction and get a deal on it.


    If you dont want or cant get OEM ps3 then I would recommend HD retrovision cables. Which I have seen lots of good reviews on and they are not super expensive.

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    Yeah, thought so. The options are the Official SONY cable or HD Retrovision.

    I can't really recommend the cheap component cable to anyone, unless the customer is okay with a black screen interrupting the session at some point.
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    Feb 26, 2018
    Nothing compares to the PS3 component cables or HD Retrovision cables. I have a 3 in 1 madcatz component cable and it makes PS2 look like trash.

    But I'm also crazy and prefer the official PS3 S-Video cable for PS2.
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