Is my MicroSD dead?

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    Apr 4, 2008
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    So, yesterday my EZFlash 3-in-1 finally came in, so I was eager to try the expansion RAM out with SNEmulDS. Sadly, whenever I started any game with the expansion RAM enabled in the emulator, it froze upon loading the game. Not the emulator, the game itself. So I switched my MicroSD to its weird little flash card thing that you slide it into, and replaced my version of the emulator with a newer one.

    I put my MicroSD back in my R4, and tried to load the emulator, only to have it lock up. Then, I tried turning my DS on and off, and everytime, my R4 freezes where it says "Loading..."

    I tried putting my MicroSD back in my computer, and now it simply doesn't detect it. This has me really panicked, as I was near the end of FF3, about two seasons into Rune Factory, and I had a buttload of progress in a bunch of games that is, possibly, now lost. This REALLY pisses me off because my MicroSD is barely two months old.

    Is it broken? Has anyone else experienced this? What the hell do I do?

    I've been putting it in and out of the flash card reader for almost the whole time since it screwed up, and it just... doesn't work. I lost the USB MicroSD adapter, but my friend is going to let me use hers later today, so that might be the problem. But it's weird that my R4 is freezing on the loading screen. I've had no prior issues like this, so...
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    Try (in any order): A few readers/adaptors, a few USB ports, a UNIX based OS, and some data recovery tools. It's unlikey that your card is dead, just corrupted by a dodgy reader. If you get it to be recognised, you should be able to get your saves back.
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    Yeah your MicroSD could possibly have died on you. . .
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    If possible, try formatting the memory card with a phone or camera; that sometimes works when Windows won't touch the card.