Is it possible we have missed some DS/GBA connecti

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    Is it possible we have missed some DS/GBA connectivity? I just got done playing Puch OUt via Animal Crossings on the GC and was thinking how crappy it was the DS version had no retro classics. Then I thought....hmmmm I wonder if you put the classic Mario in the GBA slot and AC in the DS slot....I mean it would be pretty hard for us to find all unlockables no? Or do companies give out codes...I always wondered how that worked?
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    It may be possible we missed something (are you thinking along the lines of the in game goldeneye codes on the 64?) although the manual or developers seem pretty good about giving them out.
    I will however say a lot of the English sites lists miss out on a lot of the Japanese titles or their compatibility with English titles (Advance Wars DS Eu/US with the Japanese 2 in 1 GBA pack for example).

    I do not know how standard such thigns are either but if it is a standard method (the DS uses a lot of them) then it should not be that hard to grab info from the roms, finding a compatible GBA game might be a bit harder though).