Is it possible to restore Sysnand with Emunand?

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    Currently I have sysnand and emunand separated. I am doing stuff on emunand. Lets say a year from now I for whatever reason want to switch to using sysnand again. Can I restore my system with the emunand? That way all my progress on puzzles that ive made gets saved?
  2. bache

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    No. This will brick your system.
  3. Shadowtrance

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    Why do people keep spreading this bullshit?

    You can indeed restore an emunand backup to sysnand WITHOUT it bricking, honestly don't know where people are getting the idea that it will brick your system. :glare:

    I've done it MULTIPLE times both via the gateway downgrade/upgrade (restore) menu option and with a hardmod on my OLD 3ds, had no problems at all.

    In fact that was the first thing i did when gateway released the option to do so with their menu. :P
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    Jun 29, 2014
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    your system nand and emunand dumps should be a 1:1 match. so i dont see how this would brick your system unless you mess up somehow. i dumped my system nand and dumped my emunand with emunand tool and compared them. they were the same.
  6. Shadowtrance

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    Honestly, no idea. Just speaking from my personal experience doing it a fair few times with no issue with various system versions from 4.5 to 9.5 and inbetween.

    And I'm pretty sure plenty of other people have done it multiple times no issue as well.
  7. DjoeN

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    I did it once, just to test it out :) emunand, dumped it to my computer and flashed it with gateway to sysnand, worked fine.
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    Sep 23, 2013
    well all i will say is i tried it out once for science and it did brick, hundshamer tested it and it bricked,i know it *used* to be fine with pre-7.x, but anything over that seems to cause a brick.....maybe it differs from console to console or something like that, but its not just "safe" and should not be done unless you have a hardmod and your prepared for a brick
  9. enarky

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    Jul 31, 2003
    Gateway Emu- and Sysnand are 100% interchangeable, if you bricked your console you were doing it wrong.
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  10. cvskid

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    Isn't it safer just to boot into emunand from sysnand though instead of trying this? Just curious because i did not know this was possible.
  11. storm75x

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    Isn't EmuNAND basically an exact copy of SysNAND running from a different partition? It's really not that hard to work out...
  12. Nephiel

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    Nov 3, 2002
    What I'd do is make backups of both NANDs before unlinking them:

    1) Format sysNAND and set it up (username, date, etc)
    2) Back up sysNAND and keep a copy safe (e.g. as sysNAND-8.0.0-linked.bin)
    3) Create emuNAND using GW menu
    4) Back up emuNAND and keep a copy safe (e.g. as emuNAND-8.0.0-linked.bin)
    5) With the SD card out of the console, format sysNAND again to unlink it from emuNAND. Set it up again with different dummy settings, language, theme... to be able to tell it apart from your emuNAND.
    6) Back up sysNAND just in case (e.g. as sysNAND-8.0.0-unlinked.bin).
    7) Put SD card back in and update emuNAND to 9.2 using a ROM (9.6 doesn't work yet as of this writing, I got lucky and updated to 9.5 just in time)
    8) Back up emuNAND again and keep a copy safe (e.g. as emuNAND-9.2.0-linked.bin)
    9) Have fun in emuNAND. Make backups regularly. Don't use the dummy sysNAND for anything you care about.

    This way, you keep backups of stock versions of both sysNAND and emuNAND, and backups of an up-to-date emuNAND, all of them linked. Plus a clean, dummy, unlinked sysNAND.

    If for whatever reason in the future you want to move from emuNAND to sysNAND, simply flash back your sysNAND backup and update it. There should be no risk of brick, because you're using your own sysNAND dump. And the sysNAND backup would still be linked to your emuNAND, so it should have access to everything the emuNAND had on the SD card (except the non-legit stuff that wouldn't work on sysNAND). Edit: if you install any legit CIA, you should make a newer backup of whatever *NAND you install it to, because previous backups won't have the required ticket to validate that CIA as legit.

    However, once you update sysNAND, downgrading it again would require a hard mod.
  13. tony_2018

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    Jan 3, 2014
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    I wouldn't bother trying, the nand backup should be the one to be restored, hardmod REQUIRED.