Is it good buy a 3DS for GW??

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  1. Buy 3DS with 4.5 FW

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  2. Buy Retail Games

  3. Hope for Downgrade

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    Jun 24, 2012
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    Hello tempers, a just want to ask if it is a good idea search an used 3DS for GateWay, since they'll give support to the flashcart, maybe we will have all the features in a while and they have confirmed that Homebrew will be supported too, I'll keep my actual 3DS and maybe upgrade it for a 3DS XL, but that one will be for retail games and for eShop access, so, do you recommend me to buy a 3DS with 4.5 FW for GateWay??

    And... somewhere I found that Downgrades were possible, then, maybe a can keep my actual 3DS and wait for any downgrade and buy an XL for retail and eShop??

    Here they are talking about Downgrades:

    EDIT** Sorry!! I mistake the area of the thread, can anyone move it to the right place??C: