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    As every few months on our news section would attest the 3DS gets updates to add new functionality, trouble existing hacks and apparently trouble yet to be released ones. However despite the procedure not necessarily being the most difficult it seems that only recently have we confirmed that the 3ds has no anti downgrade measures active at present.
    In some ways this is odd as the 3ds seems to be sporting a modern security system and even back on the 360 we saw anti downgrade measures in the form of efuses. It is possible that Nintendo have just not seen the need to utilise such functionality so we will have to wait on the results of the 3ds decapping to be sure.
    Also at present, and probably for the foreseeable future, it will require a full dump of the firmware to be made but such a move could allow for chips or methods to allow dual firmwares. Such a thing has happened a few times in the past (the 360 and PSP being two of the more notable cases). It would probably also be of little use for the likes of the gateway if newer games require a newer 3ds firmware but if people insist on having DS support on the 3DS it could prove to be a useful option.

    As of this moment if you have to ask what use it is then it is of no use to you. However it is a step worth noting and as such we are doing just that here.

    You can read a tiny bit more on the thread in question. In it lightenup, one of our newer members, thought they would give it a go and with the assistance of Neimod, profi200 and some others they eventually got to the point of pinning out the board, getting the dumps, restoring the dumps and testing the lot.

    the thread again
    relevant page in 3dbrew. Image adapted from page linked.

    Thanks to Rydian for pointing us at this and congratulations to lightenup on doing a nice bit of hacking gruntwork.

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