iPhone stuck partially jailbroken?

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    I have an iPhone 6s updated to 10.2.1. I used Yalu to jailbreak my device on 10.1. I decided I didn't want to keep the jailbreak and tried to get rid of it. I restored a backup from before jailbreaking and then updated my phone. It works perfectly fine now, and there's no cydia or anything on it. I tried to play Fire Emblem Heroes and it crashes every time I start it. I've reinstalled it 3 times and it still hasn't worked. Everything I've read says this is the jailbreak detection kicking me out of the game. So I'm stuck with a fully updated phone, no jailbreak apps like cydia, and an app that's crashing because it detects a jailbreak. What can I do to fix the problem? Restore another backup maybe? I'm at school right now, so I'll test everything when I'm home. Thanks everybody!
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    I'm honestly an android guy, but I know with 'droid's you need to "unroot" it first, then restore the stock firmware. It "might" be a similar scenario with iphones, but take what I'm saying with a grain of salt, as again, I don't have much experience with iphone jailbreaking. Best to wait for someone else to chime in.

    With most rooted androids if you try and restore it while it's still rooted, you end up with a brick and its a pain in the arse to recover it, but yeah.....
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    You should never OTA update a jailbroken device- if you don't want the jailbreak anymore/want to update, make an iTunes backup and restore your phone to the latest version. If you don't want to do an iTunes restore, use Cydia Eraser to uninstall the jailbreak/wipe the device before doing an OTA update.

    semi-untethered jailbreaks are messy and leave stuff behind even when you can't actually use the jailbreak.

    At this point, make a backup and restore your phone with iTunes, as Cydia Eraser requires root access of a jailbreak.
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    If you want to unjrailbreak, Id suggest doing a backup and then a DFU restore using itunes.
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    DFU mode, and restore. If you have anything you want to backup, use iCloud. If you backup on iTunes, traces of the jailbreak will remain when you restore from iTunes backup, after restoring to stock firmware.