IPhone 6: Questions about jailbreaking.

Discussion in 'iPhone, iPod & iPad' started by Ichigo1000, Nov 29, 2015.

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    May 6, 2015
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    1. I heard jailbreaking makes the device less secure.. I know that i should change the root password before doing anything else. Is there anything else i should do to prevent my data/passwords from being stolen?

    2. Am I safe as long as i download from popular repos?

    3. Will jailbreaking slow down the device, as long as i don't download to much tweaks, and did it affect stability?

    4. If i want to download games off cydia, how do i make sure it is safe to download?
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    Sep 8, 2015
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    1. Yes, but it's not a huge problem. Just not connect into public WiFi or connect on them with VPN. Or just try to not take malware (so simple x°D)
    2. Yes, I used always popular repos (plus some "unpopular")
    3. I think so. Now I had a problem with RAM. It fills immediately with only a few opened apps.
    4. Imi wakannai~ (quote from Nishikino Maki; translation:"I don't get it...").