Interview with hacker who found the Wii exploit

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    Now that you’ve been able to run code in Wii mode what are your plans?

    Heh, yeah, I was surprised to see so many comments about that on the YouTube posting. I was pretty excited and pretty nervous, sure, and not entirely positive it would actually work. I had hoped to get a little more polish on the demo — like putting in some greets, etc — but I ran out of DVDs at the last minute and had to run across the street to get some more.

    The solution we found is still not very clean — we intend to release a good solution, but it’s going to take some time to do it right. I mostly wanted to show a proof of concept, that it could be done, and hopefully give people some ideas that they could pursue on their own.

    The immediate next goal is getting something like SDLoad working so that I can stop killing plastic trees — after that, it’d be neat to have, say, a Linux Channel.

    Yeah, Linux would be a great addition to the Wii. You mentioned giving people ideas they could pursue on their own? Do you mean people in your circle or do you plan on releasing the information to the public?

    No, I meant the public as a whole. I talked about the address line hack that we’d done — well, really, tmbinc is the one who finally pulled it off correctly — in the hopes that others would take that and run with that. I’m not sure it’s a super-hot idea for me to go around giving away all sorts of keys — and besides, I’m hoping others will come up with easier / better ideas. I wanna learn, too!

    So do you plan on releasing the information used to create the demo or wait until you have a more viable solution like you mentioned?

    Unfortunately, we’re going to have to wait for a more viable solution. It’s pretty hacky right now — really, we barely pulled it off. There’s so much to learn about this system (the Wii in general), since it’s been one big black encrypted box until recently.

    That’s understandable. So you’re next goal is for a SD Load Wii Edition. Do you have an estimated time frame on when this would be released and what functionality would it include?

    It’s hard to say — the time frame on this has been so wacky already. We worked for months with no progress, then would make great strides in a weekend, then get busy with Real Life ™, etc. As far as functionality goes, it will probably be pretty basic, similar to the original SDLoad — it will still have to use a GC mem card / SD card adapter, and it will just load .dols.

    Much of the file formats, etc, are similar to that of the GameCube (once decrypted, or so I’m told — I never had one to play with), so people should be able to start with that. I’m not sure what immediate advantages we’ll see, though. (vs just running in GC mode)

    The things that make the Wii special — Wiimote, WiiConnect24, channels, etc — are all different than the GC, and as always, there’s no documentation whatsoever.
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    It was a good interview. I enjoyed it. [​IMG]
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    I don't understand why developers can't just release the goods... what harm would it do? I'd happily waste a DVD to see the first native Wii homebrew.
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    The interview was done by Brakken from tehskeen. His site's down, so I guess no one gives him credit.. But yeah, I'm stoked about the hack.
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    Why would anyone release a half-finished product and let someone else get all the fame?
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    I'm still loving the shameless advertising of your own site, but I suppose I can't blame you. has the original interview.
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    pateince...we wont we see anything useful out of this for another month or 2 anyways.
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    Hmm, convenient leave out the parts he talks about tehskeen. Thanks, I'll add WiiNintendo to my list of places to never go.
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    already posted