Internet TV and video series you watch. Please share some.


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Nov 21, 2005
United Kingdom
With the description of the forum including "and the stuff you watch" I thought it would be good to have a look here. I felt it different enough to not really warrant being part of the good videos topic either as that is not really a place for discussion.

I do not know about anybody else but I have largely given up watching TV (I certainly do not own one and can not remember the last time I made time to watch something save when I was on holiday and so not in front of a good internet connection although that (read American style adverts) only served to put me off TV even more to the point I have not even bothered to watch shows I like since getting back) and found myself watching a lot of web shows instead and more oddly many of those are regular shows which is a lot of what I want to discuss.

First I do spend a lot of the time watching general channels and semi irregular stuff like (one of the nicer collections of hacking conference videos) and (perhaps not the best example but they have some nice things) and (I assume most of us have heard of TED and if not it is a general science, technology and academic presentation site/group/conference) have seen a great many hours not lost but spent watching and occasionally rewatching them.

More recently I spent some time floating around bliptv (mainly as a front for ) although it is very American in terms of tone which might be offputting (certainly a lot of the things there sailed over my head as a result even despite growing up in little America). Equally I will occasionally hit up and or screwattack but usually only when I have nothing to/anticipate a reasonable backlog of stuff to watch.

Getting back on topic so to speak the actual weekly ones are not so many and I would like a couple more.
Despite having no desire to do anything more for film or TV right now (and probably for a good long time) and viewing going to the cinema as a rather quaint pastime I still enjoy those. - social engineering and bar magic... what is not to love. (Mondays usually)- I have linked them in the past and mostly still watch them. - a more irregular one but one I find amusing. usually have something interesting most days (although not Thursday that I have seen) is sometimes good for a watch although possibly a bit saccharine for my liking (it puts me in a similar frame of mind for when I hear some of the better apologists for various things).
Equally if you have a couple of nice networks (ted, thatguywiththeglasses and revision3 being about the only ones I know of and I only stumbled upon thatguywiththeglasses about three weeks ago so I probably will not have heard of it/it is not too obvious). Most of the other shows I watch I will tend to pick and choose or watch older stuff.

So others- consider your internet viewing habits and share what you wish with us. Although I have focused mainly on networks if you have a good sort of run of some sort of series or something somewhat feature length do share that as well.
Personally I am looking for some more information/debate/science or review/lookback type shows (I figure the internet will bring down the discovery channel way before it brings down seriarse drama networks although it is giving that a good go as well) but not everybody will (my brother quite likes that =3 show which is amusing I guess but I find internet culture about as boring/foreign/confusing as I find other things that get labelled as a culture)

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Bakayaro Banzai
Aug 5, 2011
United States
Nice to see you also watch Extra Credits. I don't always agree with them and the conclusions they draw, but I've always found their points worth considering at the very least.

I watch the weekly Nostalgia Critic episodes and Spoony's videos (whenever he gets around to posting them). If you like TED, Big Think is similar enough (and it has a ton of videos featuring Michio Kaku. He could read a grocery list and still make it both entertaining and engaging.).

I'm also a huge fan of Red Letter Media's work. Every new video from them (Whether it be a Plinkett review, another episode of Half in the Bag, etc.) is like Christmas. If you enjoy movies, and in-depth movie reviews mixed with humor, they are definitely worth checking out.

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