Internet connection problem after patch with Rosalina

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    Aug 15, 2015
    Normaly this kind of help dosen't go here but this is not my router problem.
    I was reading on the GYBT discussion that i was need to patch the process SM with Rosalina via the Process patches menu. I do this and after dump my custm badge evrything was fine...untill i go on the SD Managment and internet application in general. I try to see if this was a connection problem, so i restart both my console and router but again same problem. The console is connected but he cannot be reconize by my pc, that was able to reconize faster before i did this "patch". Also i even try out FTP and same problem, the console and the pc won't connect each other. I test out the eshop, just to be sure and it dosen't seam to have any problem but is now become incredibly slow 7min before i can enter in. Just to add this my router is like 50cm (sorry im italian i don't know the american stuff in that regard) were im now and there is nothing in between..unless my arm is made of some strange material. Even the eshop is amazingly slow with 13min before i can complatly enter in. I try with another 3DS, just to be sure, but no problem with that. Try to even reset the connection and re do the all process but nothing even by using the FTP. Any solution?