Hacking Install and Run Cracked PSN Content on PS3 OFW 4.46!


Apr 2, 2012
United States

It´s 3k3y time again! Yep, you read it: It is possible to install and run cracked PSN
(Playstation Network) content on your Playstation 3 OFW 4.46. Even off external hdd!
Hard to believe? Indeed it is! We attached Harry O
ke`s nice video to make you more confident...

A tutorial on how to convert DLC/PSN to .iso will follow in a bit!

Source: http://nforush.net/consolenews/detail/3k3y-run-cracked-psn-content-on-ps3-ofw-446.html

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    RedoLane @ RedoLane: hmmm, now that I switched to dark mode, need to come with a easy-to-read shade of red