Input Lag conundrum between PS3, PSP and ps1 games

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    Alright, so here's the skinny...

    At one end, I got my CECHA PS3 plugged to my TV via HDMI, naturally. And as expected, all those PS1 and PS2 games that I would play on the PS3 manage to look a lot cleaner/better, even if I played them with the same component video cables that I'd otherwise give to my modchipped PS2.

    At the other, I have my PSP go in its cradle, connected to the same TV via Component Video cables.

    The game in question for the purpose of this experiment, is Bust A Groove, the rhythm and music game and kind of a precursor to the likes of DDR.

    So, I have the disc in hand and play the game from it on my PS3. Graphically the game looks as pleasant as I expected it to when letting it handle it the Sony way. However, visually there is a sizable problem. Even when I'm visually following the timing to press for the beats, I miss them every time. This is with it set to the best resolution, naturally. Using Multiman, i can override this and tell it to output at 480p instead. While not perfect, it does put me within the margin of error so I could play the game to the end again.

    Now, here's the curious bit... I then rip this game and convert it to be a PSN-style release to then play on my PSP, and put it on the go system. Using it, and playing with a paired PS3 controller, it's almost like I don't have any input lag at all, when it seemed like most sites that discuss the subject of input lag (like this one ) all seem to indicate that if anything, input lag on an HDTV should be much worse with an analog source than a digital source in large part because so many of them have their video transcoders giving preferential treatment to digital sources.

    Before I tested the PSP, at first I was all set to chalk it up to just the PS3 being kind of crap on input lag when upscaling a PS1 game, but then I also saw another youtube ( such as this one ) and doing so at 1080p and actually getting really great response from the thing. So, now I'm confused...

    Is it that I somehow have an HDTV that is actually better at analog sources than digital ones?
    Is it because the person uploading these youtube videos is taking advantage of a TV that has better input lag over HDMI?
    Or is there something else I should consider about this?