Innocence v1.0

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    [​IMG] Innocence v1.0
    Made by Tarosa
    Tarosa has released a new version of Innocence. You can find the changelog and the about below.

    What's new?
    Miku can now play a scale and slide it with the touch pen.

    Version 1.00 sounds like you can slide a pen. So that we can get the sound of semitones up or down. Was to change the direction of the scale. That can display a range of scale out. Part scale "de" "les" and can be displayed.

    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Source
    [​IMG] Additional link

    Contributed by DieForIt
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    all i know for the controll so far:
    X: Change Visualization on the Guitar(?)
    Y: switch Left for High Key when Left set to Low Key, and Right for Low Key when Right set to High Key (and so on)
    Start: Show chart table (Nice)
    Select: Turn Off DS Instantly (Really Nice so you can save these button up)
    Left: Lowering Key
    Right: Highering Key