Incognito gives keyblob 0 to 5 corrupt

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  1. myki

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    May 25, 2016
    I need some help, please.
    My Switch OFW is v5.1.0 and was still runing an old SXOS version that didn't support EmuNAND.
    I want to be up to date now, so I updated SXOS and built an EmuNAND on a fresh SD Card.
    So now I've got a hidden partition of 29.13 GB on my SD Card, and it runs fine.

    But when I run incognito by injecting incognito_rcm.bin with SXOS, and launching "Incognito (emuMMC)",
    I get:

    "Keyblob 0 to 5 corrupt".

    What's happening ?
    I'm scared to update my EmuNAND with ChoiDuJour until I fix this problem !

    Thank you in advance for your help...

    EDIT :
    I read elsewere that :
    "Keyblobs start at 0x180000 in boot0 and are each 0x200 apart (keyblob 0 is at 0x180000, keyblob 1 is at 0x180200, etc)".
    And when I hexedit my BOOT0 I see datas at those places (at least it's not filled of 0's).
    If it can helps you to help me :)
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    May 6, 2006
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    Why would you run incognito on your emu nand? You're not supposed to go online with that.
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