Importing question.

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    Aug 12, 2007
    First off, let me say I looked around on google, and the answers I found were somewhat confusing, with people saying "Yes you can" and "You need this or that or it won't work".

    First question:
    I want to order a Japanese PS2 when the Fate/Unlimited Codes bundle comes out.

    Will a japanese PS2 and game work right away on my TV without any problems?(NTSC TV)
    Or will I need to purchase something else to make it work?

    Do most new TVs have the NTSC/PAL options? (Newest TV in my house was purchased about three months ago, it's a flatpanel VisionQuest and has NTSC/PAL settings if my memory serves me correctly. Though I'd rather use it on the TV in my living room, but that one's a few years old and doesn't have such settings.)

    Thank you in advance.