IMPORTANT: Want To Run DS Games And ROMs On Your 3DS?

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    Want To Run DS Games And ROMs On Your 3DS?

    Do you want to...
    • Play DS games/ROMs on your 3DS?
    • Run homebrew on your 3DS?
    • Run emulators on your 3DS?
    • Find a flash cart that works on the 3DS?
    If so, this is the wrong section! Flash carts that work on the 3DS are the same thing as flash carts for the DS, so all the information you need is in the main flash cart section.

    [​IMG] NDS - Flashcarts and Accessories

    In addition, I personally suggest AGAINST buying a 3DS to play DS ROMs on, for the following reasons.
    1. The 3DS offers nothing new for flash carts or DS games. When in a 3DS, DS games (and DS flash carts) run as if they're in an original DS. There is no homebrew that can access the cameras, no games can use WPA/WPA2 security, no emulators run any faster, etc. It's the same power available as the original 2004-model DS.

    2. The 3DS will attempt to block flash carts with each update, and the 3DS pushes updates heavily. It will automatically try to download updates if you let it have an internet connection and will pester you until you update, new 3DS games will require updates to run (something the previous systems did not do), you need to update to even look at the eshop, etc.
    It's your choice of course, just be warned that using a 3DS to play DS games on offers nothing except headaches.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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