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    These Wii related files are not allowed to be hosted on, linked to or requested for on GBAtemp for legal reasons and forum policy.

    Wii Game ISO's
    Virtual Console/Wiiware wads

    cIOS (custom IOS) wads
    IOS wads
    Wii System Menu wads

    Including components of these files (game data (dol/elf, .app files, images, game data etc).

    And any other unauthorized/copyrighted Material (such as Nintendo code) without permission.

    If there is any type of content that I have failed to mention but is dubious, please use your common sense or ask the staff before sharing.

    However, you may be pleased to learn that there are legal programs which you can use to download/create/install some of these files, including

    cIOS installers (installs cIOS)
    NUS Downloader (downloads some files from nintendo servers)
    MyMenu (system menu theming/customizing)
    Wadder (newest release), Benzin etc

    Please note that any content created by such programs will still be unsharable if it falls under the earlier rules.
    For example: if you downloaded a system menu via NUS Downloader, or extracted one with WAD-creator you may NOT share it here, it is for personal use only.

    If you want the common-key, go to


    We are leaving cIOSCORP threads alone for now because it is a grey area. It may be removed in future, we are still deciding.

    If there is a legal installer available, please use that instead thank you!

    Also, it is not mentioned here, but Many apps may not be redistributed without the authors permission.

    Two prominent examples include the HACKMII INSTALLER and BANNERBOMB.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.