OP BORTZ The Amazing

    Dec 2, 2007
    United States
    things have been a little hectic and gay around my neck of the woods and i have not had time for the internet in general. i miss all my tempers and Im back!

    Short history of while i was out.
    -my homepage is gbatemp so i see most of whats going on daily.
    -Bitch i liked ended up with ski trip guy
    -she got used like i predicted.
    -she is now talking to me again. that doesnt mean im happy withe her.
    -i make a couple of animations while i was out. ill post them in the Eof later.
    -school has taken the front seat of my activities case i was slipping hard.
    -i started missing my tempers so i came back to you all!

    i love you and see you around! happy trolling!
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